Masajid (Mosques) in Defence, Lahore After my experience during Hajj, I decided to make a comprehensive list of all mosques in DHA. List of all Mosques in DHA LHR Main masjid F Block Phase 5 Sector Masjid V Block Phase 2 Khalid Masjid Cavalry Ground Allah o Akbar Mosque, Masjid Chowk Phase 4 Masjid The biggest and most beautiful mosque in DHA. Located in DD Block, the mosque has a lush green garden and ample parking space. Shia Masjid Phase 5 If you want any of your own Masjid Photos to be displayed please mail them at srk[at]windowslive[dot]com Twin Mosques of Phase 5 Main masjid C Block Phase 5 These identical mosques cater to the residents of Phase 5 DHA. Both have a park adjacent to them, which is utilised for Friday Prayers. Click on Pictures to enlarge them Built in 2009, this mosque is not operational due to disagreement among the management. Located near H Block Market, this mosque is the oldest DHA mosque. Ample parking spaceis provided along with an unground tunnel access from H Block. View location of Google Maps View location LUMS Masjid U Block This beautifully built mosque, lined with red bricks, caters to LUMS students. T - Block Masjid This mosque caters to the residents of S and T Block. Opposite Blue Flame, this mosque has a vast garden lined with Kangi Palms