Pakistan are wearing a new kit. It has become a norm that the sponsors introduce a new design in every ICC event Bangladesh will go with tie-n-die style which was scoffed upon even in the 1990s. South African designers usually run out of their trademark green cloth and have to use a a yellow patch Sri Lanka will be wearing one of the better kits. Its a relief that they removed the YELLOW strip at the back. England designers look like they need a break or a bigger budget. After the All Red kit they used in the CT 2013 and in the subsequent series, they have just run out of ideas. So they used the top of the All Red kit and the trouser the England kits from the early 2000s. Great Work guys! Keep it up. India will go with the same kit they used in the previous tours. New Zealand will also be using the kit they have been using for the past few months. Makes sense to stick with it. Nice shirt! And New Zealand! No Australia. No NZ! Wait a minute. Ok thats David Warner so it is Australia. They have promised the fans that if an Aus v NZ match arises, they will make sure that it seems as if the new LED TV are incapable of displaying sharp colours. What happened to the Golden strips? Netherlands stick with their trade mark orange with shades of blue at the sides. Zimbabwe will be sticking to their Reds which makes sense since someone has to look graceful in Red (See England) Nepal will be going with Blue, which I believe is their trademark colour. And UAE will be wearing dusty grey at the World event. Ireland will add a burst of blue to their traditional green. Hong Kong will be wearing black. Why? I dont know? I dont watch their games. Afghanistan will return to blue after a bold grey in the last edition. And West Indies, the defending champs, will be wearing a decent strip except for the blue stripe above the waist. What was the R&D behind this? Do players perform better with a blue stripe or does it bother the opposing teams? I couldn’t find any explanation for this stripe. I’m sorry.