Pakistan have opted to wear the practice kit they used in the 2007 CWC. Makes sense since they would be brand new since the team was knocked out 3 days into the World Cup  Bangladesh The kits tells you why Australia didnt win the cup. I mean if that’s the best you could come up with, you don’t deserve to be champions Sri Lanka wore a light blue/white kit like India. It was futuristic in the sense that Day Night Test were allowed only in 2015 England wore a kit similar to the one they used in the CWC 2007. India used the same kit they used for tours of South Africa, England and the CWC 2007. New Zealand used their trademark Black caps kit Kenya used trademark green with shades of red on the side I have always liked Zimbabwe’s kits. So simple and elegant. Red. It was this simplicity which led to their defeat of Australia in uncustomary fashion. Mind you, Australia were 3 times 50-over Champions and the defeat was a big surprise. South Africa used the same kit they  had been using for T20s in the past year. Looked like a green dyed WWE referee’s shirt West Indies came out with their Maroons with stylings of green, yellow and grey. Nice shirt. Scotland came with one of the better shirts of the tournament. The golden strips with hints of royal blue produced a decent kit. It was a shame they didn’t last long in the T20 WC.